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Life Safety – First Responder Radio Coverage

The First Responder Radio (FRR) portion of the 2017 Ohio Fire Code has been expanded from two paragraphs to three pages. JDRM Engineering has completed more than 100 public safety radio tests for new and existing buildings. A pioneer in the engineering of First Responder Radio Testing and In-Building RF Amplification Design in Ohio, our services have expanded north into Michigan, west into Indiana, east to Pennsylvania and as far south as Florida. This offering has helped many clients with emergency responder radio testing and emergency responder radio coverage while extending our desire to keep safety and code compliance as the pinnacle of our consulting engineering services.

First Responder Radio testing continues to expand as plan examiners and fire code officials become aware of the provisions of the Ohio Building Code (OBC) and Ohio Fire Code (OFC) requiring all new buildings to have NFPA emergency responder radio coverage. Additionally, the code now allows fire code officials to enforce this code in existing structures if they know their public safety radio coverage does not work.

The following are among the 100+ in-building public safety radio tests JDRM has completed:

  • The Tower on the Maumee, a 28-story high rise in downtown Toledo, Ohio
  • The Mosiac apartment complex – three structures including two, four-story units located at Levis commons in Perrysburg, Ohio
  • Defiance High School and Middle School, 310,000 square foot facility, Defiance, Ohio
  • Home2 Suites by Hilton an all-suite, extended-stay hotel also at Levis Commons
  • Two-story, 65,000 SF medical office building (MOB) for ProMedica in Defiance, Ohio
  • Northwood High School -Northwood, Ohio
  • Hull Prairie Intermediate School – Perrysburg, Ohio’s grades 5-6 building
  • Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center Emergency Room addition – Toledo, Ohio
  • The Renaissance Toledo – downtown hotel in Toledo, Ohio
  • ProMedica Junction building (first known as the Toledo Trust building), downtown Toledo, Ohio
  • The Senator Group / Allermuir facility – Monclova Township, Ohio

The Ohio Building Code Section 916 Requires: “Emergency responder radio coverage shall be provided in all new buildings in accordance with Section 510 of the fire code.” The Ohio Fire Code Section 510 outlines these requirements for testing and In Building Amplification to conform to this important requirement.

Trends we see indicate First Responder Radio testing is gaining importance are evidenced by legislation now in place within the State of Florida which states: “(18) The authority having jurisdiction shall determine the minimum radio signal strength for fire department communications in all new high-rise and existing high-rise buildings. Existing buildings are not required to comply with minimum radio strength for fire department communications and two-way radio system enhancement communications as required by the Florida Fire Prevention Code until January 1, 2022. However, by December 31, 2019, an existing building that is not in compliance with the requirements for minimum radio strength for fire department communications must apply for an appropriate permit for the required installation with the local government agency having jurisdiction and must demonstrate that the building will become compliant by January 1, 2022. Existing apartment buildings are not required to comply until January 1, 2025. However, existing apartment buildings are required to apply for the appropriate permit for the required communications installation by December 31, 2022.”

JDRM can help your organization become compliant with the regulations – click here for answers to frequently asked questions. Our trained staff, specialized testing equipment, and strategic partnerships combine to provide the expertise required to fulfill your emergency responder DAS testing requirements under the regulations. Plan examiners are requiring conformance to this code section and JDRM is ready to see you through the intricacies of the public safety radio coverage testing requirements. Check out our First Responder Radio work for Home Depot’s 1.6 million square foot distribution center. and for Woodmore Schools in Woodville, Ohio.

Download the brochure for more information: JDRM Engineering First Responder Radio Coverage 2018. If you have any questions regarding emergency responder radio coverage in buildings or need assistance in meeting this code please contact JDRM Technology Department Manager – Steve Wheeler, RCDD at 419-824-2400.

Learn from the Professionals at JDRM Engineering

Steve Wheeler, RCDD, presents an engaging overview of code requirements and insights into Emergency Response Radio Coverage Testing and Design for organizations across Ohio and Michigan. The State of Ohio Department of Commerce Division of Industrial Compliance has approved three courses Steve designed for First Responder Radio Coverage Code Requirements for continuing education credits with the Ohio Board of Building Standards. Professionals looking to stay current with today’s emergency responder radio testing and coverage regulations including Building Officials, Master Plans Examiners, Building Inspectors, Fire Protection Plan Examiners and Fire Protection Inspectors, will receive certificates upon the completion of each session and JDRM Engineering will verify attendance and course completion with the board. Please call Steve at 419-824-2400 if your group or organization would like to schedule a presentation to learn more about your public safety radio testing responsibilities and the in-building public safety radio testing regulations in place.

Past presentations have included:

GLD Group & JDRM Engineering, Pomeray, Florida-First Responder Radio Coverage Code Seminars for Public Safety Professionals and Building Owners. June 26, 2018.

GLD Group & JDRM Engineering, Columbus, Ohio- First Responder Radio Coverage Code Seminar for Public Safety Professionals. Certification granted by the State of Ohio and this seminar awarded two Fire Inspector Continuing Education Credits for attendees. May 17, 2018.

GLD Group & JDRM Engineering, Dearborn, Michigan – First Responder Radio Coverage Code Seminar – for Public Safety Professionals including Dearborn City Schools, Metro Detroit Fire Inspection Society, Southeast Michigan Fire Inspection Society, Oakland-Macomb Fire Protection Society, Ford Motor Company and more. May 10, 2018.

GLD Group & JDRM Engineering, Grand Rapids, Michigan: Code-Compliant Uninterrupted Radio Coverage – for Fire Chiefs and First Responders/Public Safety Professionals. February 28, 2018.

Northwest Ohio Building Officials Association 2017 Continuing Education: First Responder Radio Coverage Code Requirements and Building Science for Building Officials. December 7, 2017.

P&R Communications Toledo and Sidney, OH: First Responder Radio Coverage focused on the needs of public safety personnel, commercial building owners/managers and manufacturing plant facilities personnel. June 20, 2017

2016 CAM/ASSE Safety Leadership & Professional Development Conference presented by the Construction Association of Michigan and the Greater Detroit Chapter of the American Society of Safety Engineers. December 7, 2016

Ohio Safety Congress & Expo sponsored by the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation, March 9, 2016

State of Ohio Fire Marshals Meeting 2016

The University of Michigan Electrical Engineering, Commissioning & Plan Review professionals

Owens State Community College – Center for Emergency Preparedness
Special In-Depth Presentations for First Responders. November 2, 11, 19, 2015

TRACE – Toledo Regional Architects, Contractors & Engineers

NW Ohio Fire Inspectors and Fire Chiefs – Woodmore Schools FRR Tour and Woodville Fire Station

What others are saying about JDRM

It was great meeting your team at Windermere HS last week, Chris and Arin were the constant professionals and very knowledgeable about the service they provided. We are looking forward to the final report to brief our senior leadership on actions moving forward.
Again thank you,

Alvin L. Sims Jr.
Director of Fire, Health & Safety
Orange County Public Schools

Be sure the radio transmission he sends make it through YOUR facility!

Be sure the radio transmissions First Responders send makes it through YOUR facility!

Steve Wheeler, RCDD
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