JDRM Engineering provides expert knowledge regarding the safety and security for your facility and personnel:

  • Access Control Systems
  • Asset and Personnel Tracking (Real Time Locating Systems – RTLS)
  • Biometrics for Access Control
  • Command Center Programming and Design
  • Facility Threat Analysis
  • Infant Protection Systems (Abduction Prevention)
  • Intrusion Detection Alarm
  • Perimeter Detection Systems
  • RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Systems
  • Video Surveillance (IP/CCTV)
  • Video Analytics
  • Wireless and IP-based Security Systems

School Safety and Security Grant Program

JDRM Engineering is especially happy to support our educational clients efforts in Security. Assistance with application details for the State of Ohio School Safety and Security Grant Program is available by calling Steve Wheeler at 419-824-2400. This grant assists Ohio employers with ensuring the safety and security of staff in Pre-K through 12th grade schools. The Bureau of Workers’ Compensation program includes funding for many items, including:

Incident response equipment.

  • Equipment bags/backpacks stocked with trauma first aid supplies.
  • Two-way communication devices and software designed to directly interface with emergency responder radio systems.
  • School-wide panic alarm/panic button system.

Building/grounds/transportation security.

  • Interior and exterior security doors and mechanisms (e.g., panic bars or other fire code compliant door locking mechanisms, bullet proof glass, bullet resistant coating materials for existing glass).
  • Protective vehicle crash barriers in front of entrances.
  • Modifications of building/facility entrances to restrict access.
  • Secured keycard systems.
  • Metal detectors (fixed or portable).
  • Security cameras.
  • Emergency (police dispatch) call poles.

Complete details on the program are available through the State of Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation website.

Learn from the professionals at JDRM Engineering

June 11, 2019 – Safety Improvement Strategies – Safety Council of Northwest Ohio Compliance Luncheon. 11:30 a.m. at the Safety Council of Northwest Ohio, 8015 Rinker Pointe Court, Northwood, Ohio

Steve Wheeler, RCDD presents: “Understanding and Implementing Security and Surveillance Safety Systems”. This seminar will introduce attendees to the principles involved in designing and implementing facility security systems. Guidelines for assessing your Assets, Threats, and Risks will be discussed as well as how to mitigate these through layers of protection both physical and electronic. The latest trends in video surveillance and access control will be also covered including convergence and Actionable Intelligence (AI) Technology. Contact the Safety Council of Northwest Ohio at 419-662-7777 for more details.

100+ Attended Lorain County Safety Council Meeting

Understanding and Implementing Security & Surveillance Systems

Attendees learned:

  • The purpose of electronic safety & security and why it applies to them.
  • Security Basics – how to identify threats, assets, and risks
  • About mitigating threats and risks with layers of protection
  • The 3 systems of protection: Intrusion Detection, Video Surveillance, and Access Control
  • The latest trends in Surveillance Technology and what the future holds.

Presented by Steve Wheeler, RCDD, our Technology Department Manager who has 30+ years’ experience in access control, security, and surveillance systems. He has designed systems for Fortune 500 companies, businesses, health care, K-12 and higher education clients throughout the Midwest.

For more information or to schedule a customized presentation for your organization call Steve
at 419-824-2400.