Our History

JDRM Engineering, Inc. was formed in 1995 with the merger of principals, staff, and business interests of separate mechanical and electrical consulting engineering firms. In founding JDRM, the partners made provisions for the business to evolve from their ownership to that of the leadership they would develop and nurture within the firm. A minimum of four senior partners take on majority ownership roles and are supported by a group of minority partners and associates. The evolutionary process envisioned in 1995 has enabled the firm to remain a closely-held private entity, owned and operated by partners active within the organization who continue to develop leadership from within the organization.

JDRM’s Engineering Evolution


JDRM Engineering celebrates 25 years by updating our logo, formalizing our mission/vision, and thanking each employee with a $100 gift certificate to choose their favorite JDRM Engineering-customized Lands End gifts. We appreciate every one of our 48 employees and note special recognition here for all who have been with us since our founding: Bill Bauman, Dave Desjardins, Tom Gerken, Andy Juette, Larry Juette, Margie Kayser, Darren Keil, Chris Lockett, Matt Steffin, and Jeff Stringham.


Andrew T. Juette, E.I., LEED AP and Steven C. Wheeler, RCDD become Partners in JDRM Engineering. Robert D. Nicholson, NFPA, CESCP named Associate.

Click here for an overview of the JDRM Engineering Management Team and their related responsibilities.


Arthur D. Myerholtz, P.E., stepped aside from his Partner role in 2018, following our evolutionary leadership process. Art remained extremely involved in our largest project to date through his retirement in mid-2019.


JDRM’s final founding partner, Steve Morris — the “M” in JDRM — stepped down from leadership and ownership roles at the end of 2016. Until his retirement in mid-2019, Steve completed ongoing projects and mentored the new  management team which included:

Roger DeBelly, P.E., RCDD – President
Darren Keil, P.E. – Vice President, Electrical
Doug Hohman, P.E., LEED AP – Vice President, Mechanical
Dave Desjardins, P.E., LEED AP – Secretary
Jeff Stringham – Treasurer
Alison Staudinger P.E., LEED AP BD+C – Partner
Art Myerholtz, P.E. – Partner

JDRM Engineering Partners – October 2018

From Left: Roger DeBelly, P.E., RCDD – President; Jeff Stringham – Treasurer;  Darren Keil, P.E. – Vice President, Electrical; Alison Staudinger P.E., LEED AP BD+C – Partner; Dave Desjardins, P.E., LEED AP – Secretary; Doug Hohman, P.E., LEED AP – Vice President, Mechanical


Three new Associates named:  Tom Rawlings, RCDD, ESS,  Matt Steffin, and Matt Rasey, P.E.


Dave Desjardins and Roger DeBelly named Senior Partners.


JDRM Engineering was saddened by the untimely loss of our partner Ken Rahman.

Alison Staudinger and Doug Hohman accepted ownership roles and became Partners. Steve Wheeler was named Department Manager to lead the Technology Group.  New associates were named: Chad Greiner, Andrew Mickens and Mike Thompson.

Steve Morris, P.E.; Darren Keil, P.E.; Jeff Stringham, P.E.; Dan Rosenberger

JDRM Engineering Senior Partners (December 2014)
Standing (L-R): Steve Morris, Darren Keil, Jeff Stringham. Seated: Dan Rosenberger

At the close of 2014, founding partner Dan Rosenberger retired per the evolutionary process. He is the first of the partners to pass on his ownership role and retire at the same time.


Bob Kalb became the second person to transition from his ownership role in the firm and he remains an active, valued employee of JDRM Engineering.


Dave Desjardins, Ken Rahman and Roger DeBelly become Partners.


Alison Staudinger named an Associate.


Roger DeBelly and Steve Wheeler become Associates.


Larry Juette acted on the cornerstone evolutionary principle when he stepped aside from his leadership and ownership roles.  His continued active involvement in the firm is greatly appreciated. Steve Morris begins serving as President of JDRM Engineering. Jeff Stringham named Senior Partner.


Andy Juette named an Associate.


True to the firms’ founding vision of continuity, Darren Keil was named to partnership in 2004 and Bob Kalb joined the Management Team. Dave Desjardins, Doug Hohman, Chris Lockett, and Ken Rahman become Associates.


The evolution process was first tested by the unfortunate death of Gary Driftmyer. On Mother’s Day 2003, Gary was involved in an automobile accident that claimed his life.


Management Team Partners added: Darren Keil, Art Myerholtz, and Jeff Stringham. Jeff Feasby and Tom Gerken named Associates.


Leadership development is further defined with the Partners supported by a select group of Associates including Walt Diener, Margie Kayser, Gerry Katafiasz, George Meredith, Keith Sturton, and Rolin York.


In founding JDRM Engineering, Inc., the partners made provisions for the business to evolve from their ownership to that of the leadership they would develop and nurture within the firm. A minimum of four senior partners are to be in a majority ownership role. Leadership is further supported by a group of minority or “junior” partners and associates.


Our evolution will continue as we serve your mechanical, electrical, plumbing, technology, and safety consulting engineering needs.