Lawrence T. Juette, P.E.

July 7, 2012

The “J” in JDRM, Larry was at the helm when the firm was formed and was a strong proponent of an ownership evolution process.  He was the first person to step aside from an ownership role in the firm in 2010, making way for the next generation of leadership.  His active involvement in the firm is greatly appreciated.  You’ll find Larry involved in design work, project management, mentorship of young engineers, and many aspects of the electrical design division.

Recent News

Penta Career Center Solar Array October 19, 2020

Penta Career Center’s solar array will produce 1.76 million kilowatt hours of power annually – about the energy needed to power 142 average homes each year.


University of Toledo Solar Array August 26, 2020

JDRM worked with students in the University of Toledo’s Engineering programs on a 2.3-acre solar array expected to save the university $30,000 a year.


JDRM Celebrates 25 Years in Business with Logo Evolution July 22, 2020

Take (less than) a minute to check out our continuing evolution as JDRM Engineering celebrates our 25th Anniversary with the unveiling of our updated logo.