Program Management

Projects suffer when there is a disconnect between client needs and expectations, design professionals understanding and construction execution. This gap is rarely acknowledged and bridged only through open communication and a fundamental understanding of a project’s goals.

JDRM Engineering is making this bold statement because our mission is to help our client’s succeed and we’re always looking for ways to make this more complete. In 2017 we added a key individual to our firm to help us bridge the disconnect described above. Ritchie Levine isn’t a design professional, he’s a construction guru who comes to us with the mission to make every project more successful.

With over 40 years of electrical construction experience, Ritchie has been instrumental in getting the details right in thousands of projects both in the field and as an executive. He joined JDRM after working for 16 years as President of Turner Electric and grew the firm exponentially. Prior to that he served as Senior VP of Romanoff Electric where he moved through the ranks of project management and estimating after critical time as a supervisor, foreman, electrician and apprentice with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.

Ritchie brings a hands-on understanding to project’s needs and since joining us has helped JDRM clients take their projects to higher levels of success. Technically, Ritchie’s responsibilities are to provide client relationships, studies, concept designs, estimating, budgets, planning, and construction administration. In reality, Ritchie helps us take better care of you.


As JDRM’s Program Manager, Ritchie is empowered with coordination responsibility for your project.

He becomes your primary contact and the liaison between you, the design team, and the construction entities.

With a full understanding of the overall scope of work, Ritchie documents details on your project including the master schedule and all communications. Ritchie monitors project quality both at the design level and in the construction field to keep the project on track with your expectations.

Two examples of Ritchie’s prowess for JDRM’s Program Management services are our projects for St. Luke’s Hospital and J.M. Smuckers/Big Heart Pet Brands

What We’re NOT

JDRM Engineering is NOT providing construction management services. We’re here to ask the tough questions, challenge the status quo and get you the results you need.

As program manager, Ritchie isn’t going to do your job internally for your company but he is going to help you understand your part of what needs to be done so the project can proceed.

Ritchie isn’t an engineer but he is helping all of our design disciplines to create solutions that are easier to build, implement, and maintain.

JDRM Engineering isn’t building the project on the job site but Ritchie is a ready resource to not only help contractors get answers to their questions but also provide our design staff with ready feedback on ways to improve our work and your project.

And isn’t doing a better job what it’s really all about?