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Electrical Safe Work Practices Program

The aim of JDRM Engineering’s Electrical Safe Work Practices Program is to provide electrically-qualified employees, unqualified employees, and outside contractors guidance for proper work and safety procedures.  The primary electrical hazards are: shocks, burns, and fires.  We help companies identify the hazards and program action items to protect people, fulfill OSHA requirements, and the NFPA 70E STANDARD.  These electrical hazards are addressed within the program by designated electrical safety procedures, tools, and identification of the appropriate personal protective equipment required.

A typical electrical safety program requires

  • Principles — the fundamental understanding upon which it is based
  • Controls — How the program is to be measured and monitored
  • Procedures –For operations before, during and after working on systems posing shock and arc flash hazards

This is YOUR
Safety Program

Your safety program could be developed to incorporate the electrical safety requirements for all existing facilities related to Electrical Safe Work Practices.  A specific hazard risk assessment (Arc Flash Study) needs to be performed for each facility for this program’s content to apply to the specific electrical hazard levels identified at each location.  Working through a single point of contact in your safety department is the most effective method to refine this document and any existing electrical safety program material must be shared with JDRM Engineering for inclusion into this electrical program.

Electrical Safety Services

JDRM Engineering generally provides services per the following:

  1. JDRM Engineering develops a starting guide indicating major topics to be included in an Electrical Safe Work Practices Program.
  2. JDRM Engineering further defines the procedures for each topic.
  3. Owners/Employers review the preliminary document and indicate proposed revisions related to specific requirements within their operations.
  4. JDRM Engineering incorporates the additions into the Electrical Safe Work Practices Program.
  5. Owners/Employers review the final document, and upon acceptance, adopt the document as their Electrical Safe Work Practices Program.

Three review meetings are generally included and JDRM provides a printed manual for your reference.

JDRM Engineering Electrical Safety Brochure 2019