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Is LED Lighting Right For You?



To find out, we’ll explore each of the following factors in lighting decisions:


  • LED lighting offers higher lumens/watt than any other light source readily available today.  This equates to lower energy cost for the end user.

Lamp Life

  • Today’s LEDs have been designed to last for 50,000-100,000+ hours.  Luminaires lasting 100,000 hours could be kept on continuously for 11 years before needing to be replaced.
  • Longer lamp life means lower maintenance costs.

Uniformity of Lighting

  • LED luminaires are designed to uniformly light areas.  Hot spots can be virtually eliminated, resulting in a more pleasing, uniform lighting pattern.


  • LED luminaires are available in a wide variety of color temperatures and CRI to meet your needs.


  • Most LED luminaires are dimmable without any extra devices or added cost required.
  • LEDs do not lose life when cycled on and off the way fluorescent lamps do.


  • LED lighting is a quickly evolving lighting technology, with most lighting manufacturers devoting a huge majority of their R&D to LED.
  • Color changing LEDs are available for specialty applications.

Enjoy these explorations of LED attributes
as written and illustrated
by Chad Greiner, LC, CTS-D
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