The sun diffuses more energy onto the earth every hour than the entire human population uses in a year according to Sudhakar Neti, professor of Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics at Lehigh University. This solar resource is becoming increasingly more popular for its potential to add to our energy grid and JDRM Engineering is a leading factor in Northwest Ohio’s quest to emerge as a hub of solar energy production.

JDRM Engineering’s photovoltaic (PV) design projects have ranged from 35 kW to 5 MW and have involved:

  • Locating the arrays on the site for greatest efficiency and effectiveness
  • Determining angles and spacing of the photovoltaic panels
  • DC electrical distribution
  • AC electrical distribution
  • Selection of system components

In addition to system designs, JDRM Engineering’s Darren Keil, P.E. provides independent engineering reviews of installations. One such project included field verification of work completed for both Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey and Princeton University.


Check Out Our Case Studies:

Toledo Zoo Solar Field and Solar Walkway

Camp Perry Solar Field

Details on our installations include:

Overland Solar Project
Toledo, Ohio
3-MW Solar Array

Read the full story here: Overland Solar Project Shines Brightly

New Solar Array to Power Dana’s Toledo Operation, Providing Renewable Energy and Neighborhood Investment

Toledo Solar Project Will Power Car Part Manufacturer and Fund Community Foundation

Toledo Readiness, Toledo, Ohio
Solar Field Addition Phase I — Ground Mounted 81.8 kW Solar Array
Solar Field Addition Phase II — Rooftop 68.0 kW Solar Array, Canopy 208.8 kW Array

Camp Perry, Port Clinton, Ohio
Solar Field Phase I & II – Design Build
Ground Based Photovoltaic Field and New Field 537.2kW Solar Array
Total 1.15 MW Solar Array


Toledo Abrasives Industries, Toledo, Ohio
50 kW Rooftop Photovoltaic Array

Metzger’s Printing & Mailing, Toledo, Ohio
Phase I 58.82 kW Rooftop PV Array
Phase II 71.78 kW Rooftop PV Array

Celina Municipal, Celina, Ohio
5 MW Ground PV Array

LMA-HUF Biomet, LLC, Milford, Indiana
243 kW Rooftop PV Array

Walbridge Readiness, Walbridge, Ohio
Solar Field Addition – Ground Mounted 235.2 kW Solar Array

Welltower (formerly Healthcare REIT), Toledo, Ohio
Domestic Water Pre-Heating and Rooftop Solar Panel 

Rutgers University, Piscataway, New Jersey
8 MW Parking Canopy – Engineering Review

Turtle Top, Inc., New Paris, Indiana
450,000 kW Rooftop PV Array

Ohio Air National Guard 180th Fighter Wing, Swanton, Ohio
Phase IV 399 kW Ground PV Array
Phase V 294 & 315 kW Ground PV Arrays


Sylvania Township Fire Stations, Sylvania, Ohio
Rooftop Domestic Water Solar Panel

First Solar, Perrysburg, Ohio
Three Buildings Rooftop Photovoltaic Field
New 2 MW Solar Fields

Toledo Zoo, Toledo, Ohio
Solar Walkway 100 kW Exhibit PV Array
2-MW solar array

The announcement of the Toledo Zoo’s 2.1 megawatt solar array with 28,500 panels spanning 15 acres of the 22 acres on a former brownfield site was followed with an update by a national publication a year later.  The Toledo Zoo now has solar energy supplying about 30% of it’s annual energy needs through this installation.

GM Powertrain, Toledo, Ohio
Phase I 609 kW Rooftop PV Array
Phase II 1.21 MW Rooftop PV Array

GM Rooftop Solar Array

Toledo Museum of Art, Toledo, Ohio
Solar Canopy 303 kW PV Array

Solar Canopy IMG_0468

Mr. Realty, Topeka, Indiana
460 kW Rooftop PV Array

LMA-HUF Biomet, LLC, Goshen, Indiana
590 kW Rooftop PV Array

Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey
5 MW Tracking Array – Engineering Review

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