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Storm Water

Gravity and pumped storm water systems, based on the owner’s requirements and site conditions, are designed by JDRM Engineering to provide the best solution possible. Storm water may be routed to storage systems for irrigation usage.  A wide variety of gray water distribution systems may be designed meeting LEED requirements.

Process Gas Systems

JDRM Engineering can provide design concepts and expertise in regards to process gas piping systems which include oxygen, nitrogen, helium, and argon gasses.

Medical Gas Piping

JDRM Engineering’s medical gas piping system design experience consists of bulk storage, manifolds, alarms, valves, distribution, and outlets. The types of medical gas piping systems include vacuum, oxygen, nitrogen, compressed medical air, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, and other specialty medical gases. Systems are designed to meet NFPA 99; the AIA Guidelines for Design and Construction of Health Care Facilities; and governing Health Department regulations.

Natural Gas and Fuel Oil

JDRM Engineering’s resume includes numerous natural gas and fuel oil distribution systems for space heating, domestic water heating, process, and generator usage.  With energy usage a concern, JDRM Engineering looks at evaluating and designing systems that are efficient and cost effective.

Domestic Water

JDRM Engineering provides clients efficient domestic water distribution systems meeting their facility’s requirements. Water booster pumps may be utilized where domestic water pressure is insufficient. Hot and cold water systems with the aid of low flow fixtures,  high efficiency heaters ,and possibly solar-aided heaters can be designed and achieve LEED points.

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JDRM Engineering designs and specifies gravity and pumped sanitary systems based on the owner’s requirements and site specific requirements. Sanitary systems are designed to meet applicable codes.

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