Safe, secure, and connected.  We believe these are the best results of technology advances.  The real benefit of JDRM’s Technology Group is keeping your technology needs current.  After all, technology is supposed to make things easier and better. That’s our hallmark.

Your technology solution is as important as your electrical and mechanical system design.

JDRM Engineering is unique in that we have the experience and expertise to provide superior technology design and consulting services.  Our technology group has been featured in several publications demonstrating both outstanding projects and technical expertise.  Without ties to any vendor, product or system — a vendor neutral design — your needs are better met within your project’s budget. With our design in hand, you will be able to get competitive prices from multiple suppliers. We continually exceed client expectations and provide solutions with the future in mind.

JDRM Technology in LaZBoy World HQ

Our technology services offer forward-thinking solutions pertaining to audio-visual, communications, healthcare, and security systems.

  • Project Design and Specifications
  • Analysis/Audits for Systems/Equipment
  • Corporate Design/Installation Standards Development
  • Existing Systems/Infrastructure Documentation
  • Facility and Campus Master Planning
  • Master Specifications Development
  • RFP, RFQ, and Design Evaluations
  • Wireless Surveys and EMI Studies


  • Digital Video on Demand, IP Video
  • Distributed High SPL Sound Systems
  • Instructional Delivery Systems
  • More
  • JDRM Technology in LaZBoy World HQ 2


  • Structured Cabling Systems (UTP, Coax, Fiber)
  • Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)
  • More

Data Centers

  • In-Row Cooling
  • GeoRedundancy
  • Underfloor Air Distribution
  • More

Life Safety – First Responder Radio Coverage

  • Emergency Responder Radio Coverage per Section 510 of the Fire Code
  • Testing and In Building Amplification
  • Specialized testing equipment and strategic partnerships
  • More


  • Intrusion Detection Alarm
  • Biometrics for Access Control
  • Command Center Programming and Design
  • More

On the edge

JDRM’s professionals work to stay on top of the latest in technology and we recently sent a key individual to the International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE). IWCE is the premier annual event for communications with over 7000 technology professionals attending from government, public safety, utilities, transportation, enterprise, professional services and the dealer community. Enjoy the insights Chris shared with our team after this conference.

IWCE 2019 addressed today’s challenges and opportunities, and how best to tackle them. Bringing together first-responders and enterprise stakeholders from across the US, as well as the most forward-thinking technology providers, IWCE addressed the biggest opportunities in the current and future marketplace.

Take-aways from IWCE 2019:

  • Future building and fire codes will be refining the requirements of public safety in-building radio amplification systems. (JDRM is a leader in this area.)
  • Cellular LTE networks are being adopted for public safety communications across the country (FirstNet). Over 3600 public safety agencies have already adopted FirstNet.
  • Due to exponential demand of cellular service, cellular carriers are converting their networks to smaller, weaker coverage “cells” in a denser coverage pattern. As a result, indoor coverage of cellular communications systems is becoming less effective.
  • Indoor cellular coverage is starting to be viewed as a required building service – just as important as electrical, HVAC or plumbing. Indoor cellular distributed antenna systems (DAS) are becoming more common in new building construction.
  • Due to the nature of cellular communications systems, better cellular signal does not always equate to better cellular service.

Additionally, another JDRM Engineering professional recently completed training at the Extron School or Emerging Technologies. Key take-aways from his experience include insights on:

  • Specifying the optimal fiber optic equipment based on system needs and sustainability requirements.
  • Training in signal distribution facility-wide secure switching technologies.
  • The capabilities of signal processors and how they can manage diverse input sources and convert signals.

Accredited Professionals

Roger D. DeBelly, P.E., RCDD
Chad Greiner, LC, CTS-D
William P. Link, E.I. RCDD
Thomas A. Rawlings, RCDD/ESS
Steve Wheeler, RCDD

What does the RCDD accreditation mean to me?

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Be sure you are up to code: check these insights on conference room requirements by our Technology group manager and partner, Steve Wheeler, RCDD.

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JDRM Engineering hosted Tech Trends 2019, our third technology trade show, on October 8, 2019.

Tech Trends 2019 by JDRM Engineering - Thanks for joining us

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