Bryan City Schools New 6-12 School

A courtyard for outdoor dining, small group assemblies and classroom instruction along with an energy-efficient design incorporating natural lighting to help reduce utility costs for the school are among the highlights of this new 150,000 square-foot community landmark school.

Approximately 2,200 students enjoy one campus consisting of two schools: a new 6-12 facility and a re-purposed 120,000 square-foot middle school which serves as the district’s preK through grade 5 building.

Mechanical System Highlights

The mechanical system, designed by JDRM Engineering, for Bryan City Schools New 6-12 building, includes a chilledwater distribution system with an air-cooled chiller and semi-buried ice storage tanks. This system reduces operating costs by using energy during off-peak hours producing ice at night, and utilizing it during the day to help cool the building.

IT Technology

Multiple meetings were held with Bryan City School’s IT Department and service providers. Vendor demonstrations systematically presented multiple options for technology solutions, security camera placement, and interactive learning systems.  Our team assisted the Owner in E-rate applications and utilized 370 Plus Series screens from Clevertouch who showcased this project online and in video:

Lighting Details

The exterior lighting design incorporates LED lighting technologies, with lower energy usage, reduced lighting distribution trespassing on adjacent property, and full cut-off lighting distribution on the exterior pole luminaires for darker skies in the residential area around the school.  Interior lighting controls also meet the code for lower energy usage and minimum control requirements.  The power design incorporates a stand-by back-up generator to provide back-up power for the emergency egress lighting, communication systems, and selected mechanical equipment for heating during winter months when loss of power occurs.  The fire alarm system design incorporates a voice command fire alarm system which has many advantages over a tone-only fire alarm system.

Audio Insights

The main gym audio system utilizes high-efficiency line-array speakers with a high directivity factor to increase intelligibility, as well as flown sub-woofers for increased low frequency response.  High-power amplifiers drive the system, delivering over 5,000W of total maximum power. The digital signal processing allows for fine tuning to further improve the audio quality.  Wireless and wired microphones, as well as CD player with an iPod docking station, and auxiliary inputs for third-party MP3 players serve as inputs to the system.

The student dining audio system utilizes a ceiling distributed, full-range, high-sensitivity speakers system in a minimum-overlap square pattern.  A robust digital signal processor is used to tune the system to the room for maximum intelligibility and performance.  The audio rack is located on the platform/stage area.  It houses the source equipment, including a CD player with iPod docking station and auxiliary input, AM/FM Tuner, and wireless and wired microphones, as well as audio from the Blu-ray player and Set-top box.  Floor boxes located on the stage serve as microphone inputs as well as monitor speaker outputs for live performances.

Audio-Visual Leadership

The video system in the Student Dining area utilizes a large projection screen with a high lumen front-throw projector.  Inputs to the system, located in the stage rack, include a Blu-ray player and  Set-top box.

The Instrument & Vocal Rooms incorporate front-firing stereo speakers.  The source equipment includes a CD Player with ipod dock and auxiliary input, AM/FM Tuner, Blu-ray player, and a wireless microphone.  A stereo microphone feeds a solid-state recorder allowing for live recording.  The video system source equipment ties a Blu-Ray player into a local flat-screen display.

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