Campus Wide Mass Notification and Fire Alarm Systems Upgrades at The University of Toledo

JDRM Engineering is implementing a Mass Notification system for The University of Toledo to alert students, staff, patients, and visitors throughout the campus in case of emergency. A campus wide system has been integrated on the Health Science Campus. Bancroft Campus work is ongoing with upgrades completed at all student housing buildings, as well as multiple classroom buildings. Ongoing services provide added communications capabilities for this critical system.

While each project is of utmost importance, the most delicate work involved is implementing the mass notification system into the existing fire alarm system for eight floors of the University of Toledo Medical Center (UTMC) Hospital, without disrupting the day-to-day operation. Installations includes amber lights and additional ceiling speakers throughout the facility to meet current NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) standards for system intelligibility. A schedule was developed between UTMC, JDRM Engineering, and the contractor which was communicated to the staff in advance of any work being performed. Standby work areas were established to allow progress to continue if scheduled areas became inaccessible to the contractor. This planning eliminated the need for change orders by the contractor. Final inspections were scheduled in five segments with the same premise to ensure optimum service to patients was not disrupted. The overall coordination and planning goal was to complete this project with minimal disruption to hospital services so patients were not aware a construction project was in progress.

These projects include the Fire Alarm System upgrade with Mass Notification implementation throughout the Health Science Campus and in multiple locations on the Bancroft Campus.

The University of Toledo Health Science Campus

  • University of Toledo Medical Center
  • Eleanor N. Dana Cancer Center
  • Records Retention Center, Glendale Medical Center, Laboratory Incubator Center
  • Health Education Building
  • Collier Building
  • Kobacker Building
  • Ruppert Center
  • Dowling Hall
  • Health Science Building
  • Mulford Library
  • Anatomy Simulation Center
  • Center for Creative Education
  • Academic Conference Center
  • Orthopaedic Center


Bancroft Campus

  • University Hall
  • The Crossings
  • Ottawa House
  • Parks Tower
  • Academic House
  • MacKinnon Hall
  • McComas Village
  • Snyder Memorial Hall
  • Carter Hall
  • International House
  • McMaster Hall
  • Ritter Astrophysical Research Center
  • Student Medical Center
  • Child Care Center
  • Law Center



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