Cogeneration Plant for Data Center at The University of Toledo

The first green data center in Ohio to use this modular power system, the Cogeneration Plant at the University of Toledo Data Center, reduces fossil fuel use by 50% and provides reliable, independent energy for this mission critical facility.

Meeting a 400% increase in capacities and growth was the goal of JDRM Engineering’s design work for The University of Toledo (UT). This has been achieved through extensive assessments and upgrades, most notably a modular power system in use in just the second green data center in the nation and the first in Ohio.  Ohio’s Third Frontier program awarded a $1 million hybrid loan toward this project which features the ReliaFlex Power System.  JDRM’s green solution enables clean energy production, eliminates backup generators, eliminates the need for independent cooling, reduces air pollution and GHG emissions and projects a 50% reduction in the amount of fossil fuel used by the Data Center.

JDRM provided technology, electrical, mechanical, fire protection and plumbing design engineering from initial assessments and recommendations through completion to a celebration of UT’s Leadership in Sustainability. The project spanned two locations which remained occupied during all phases of the project including the 3,620 square foot Bancroft Campus Data Center and the 4,102 square foot Health Science Computer Center.

Four natural gas Microturbines are a key part of the Bancroft Campus power system. The projected total electricity generation is 250 kW and the waste heat is being utilized through an exhaust absorption chiller to produce 100 tons of cooling or 910 MBH of heat. The Student Recreation Center located just 100 feet away, is using hot water generated from this system to keep their Olympic-sized swimming pool, diving well, continuous flow water park feature and other areas comfortable.

JDRM Engineering Services included:

Space Planning:  Computer Room, UPS Room, Emergency Generator Areas, Tape Vault.

Computer Room Floor Plan Layout:  Maximum Utilization, Air Flow Efficiency, Raised Floor Air Volume Capacities.

Power Distribution: Normal and Emergency Power Infrastructure, Generator Capacities, Redundancy, Scalability.

UPS System: Capacities, Future Loads, Redundancy, Scalability, Battery Monitoring and Environment.

Microturbine Applications: Generator Replacement, Cooling Production, UPS Replacement, Green Power.

Lightning Protection: Requirements, Room Grounding Grid.

Cooling and Humidification: Capacity, Redundancy, Underfloor and Overhead Air Distribution, Monitoring.

Fire Suppression: Existing Conditions Review, FM-200 System Upgrade.

Building Details: Raised Floor, Lighting, Overhead Cable Tray, Underfloor Cable Management

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