Defiance High School and Middle School

When Defiance Local School District decided it was time to replace their existing High School they turned to the Architectural/Engineering Team they had worked with six years previously on their new elementary school. That team: Beilharz Architects and JDRM Engineering.

Technology Overview

Significant advances in technology and lighting occurred in the eight years which passed after the design of the elementary building. Beilharz Architects and JDRM Engineering held multiple meetings with district members to introduce these new technologies and help them make informed decisions on the right products for their building. IP (internet protocol) cameras, IP paging systems, IP access control, LED lighting and Interactive touchscreen smartboards were showcased and demonstrated for the district to compare different models and features.

These meetings resulted in an advanced facility rich in technology to enhance, compliment and complete the 21st century learning environment. Classrooms are equipped with Smart Interactive boards with 10-touch control (up to 10 people can touch the screens at one time!), wireless connection/collaboration via a QR code scan, and a software package providing a plethora of learning tools and plans.

The gymnasium is home to a 19-foot wide by 10-food high video display board with multiple control locations and the ability to have live camera feeds displayed on the board if desired. Smaller scoreboards are located in all 4 corners and score information is also displayed on the large video display.

A central Digital Media Retrieval and distribution system has been provided with the ability for any classroom or hallway video display to access video content stored on the central server.

Paging/Intercom system is an IP based system providing many capabilities not found in digital systems including integration to SIP telephones, other IP systems, simpler event triggering and additional auditing and reporting.

The gym sound system is a high-powered, high-fidelity distributed system, utilizing flown point-source full-range bi-amped boxes, with subwoofers providing the low-end fill. The running track around the gym is covered with lay-in speakers, broadcasting the same audio as in the gym. The flexibility of the system is achieved utilizing wireless control via an iPad.

LED clocks in the corridor are equipped with a class change countdown feature that activates between classes to countdown the time left before the next classes start.

Access control and video surveillance is all IP-based, allowing browser control and viewing. Cameras are high megapixel resolution and incorporate video analytics for event triggered recording. All video is digitally stored on servers and backed up via high speed SD cards on the cameras.

Interior and exterior lighting is 100% LED designed to exceed the current ASHRAE 90.1 energy codes. Interior lighting is less than one-half-a-watt per square foot (.48) which is 56% less than the allowed ASHRAE Energy Code. Exterior lighting is 85% less than the allowed ASHRAE code.

Mechanical Systems

Defiance Middle/High School is 231,800 square feet in area. The HVAC systems were designed to reduce energy consumption and to allow the Owner complete flexibility in scheduling the use of the building.

HVAC Systems Include:

165 Geothermal Heat Pumps with a minimum rating of 21 EER (energy efficiency ratio) to provide simultaneous heating and cooling for the building. The heat pumps include EC motors, humidity control, and most have dual compressors.

Ten (10) Energy Recovery Units to transfer a percentage of the exhaust sensible and latent energy to the incoming ventilation air. The total thermal efficiency in the heating season is approximately 68% and 66% in the cooling season. The energy recovery units also have VFD’s on the supply and exhaust fans.

A variable flow system consisting of two (2) 820 gpm pumps, run in parallel with VFD’s and distribute the glycol solution from the mechanical room to the heat pumps throughout the building.

There are also two (2) 820 gpm pumps, run in parallel with VFD’s, to distribute the glycol solution from the well field (consisting of 220 holes, each 400 feet in depth) to building. These pumps circulate the water to the field when required by the building loop and will save half of the pumping energy when not needed.

A DDC control system controls all space temperatures and HVAC equipment operation.

Enjoy the following video clip news story on this project from WTOL – Channel 11:

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