AAA Southeastern Michigan and Detroit Edison Emergency Back-up Power

The three 2,000 kVA diesel generators serve as full back-up for the 850,000 square foot facility with one redundant unit. The units operate in a peaking mode in parallel with the utility at 13,200 volts and can be remotely monitored and started by Detroit Edison.

JDRM Engineering provided electrical engineering services for the new emergency power house to ensure 24/7/365 power availability for utility clients and for AAA to provide emergency response services to their membership. This project was a partnership between AAA Southeastern Michigan and Detroit Edison.  Three 2 MW, 13,200 volt diesel generators serve as full back-up for the 850,000 square foot office building with one redundant unit.  The units also serve as a peaking plant for the utility company.  During times when peaking power is needed, Detroit Edison can start the generators remotely.

The three generators are housed in a specially constructed masonry building.  The building has areaways for air intake and exhaust; and sand-filled block walls to meet the City’s noise level restrictions.  The diesel engines and exhaust stacks were designed to meet EPA emissions regulations.

When a utility outage occurs, all three generators automatically start and are on line within 10 seconds.  After a pre-determined period of time, since two generators can carry the load, one generator will shut down.  In the peaking mode, the generators operate in parallel with the utility at 13,200 volts.  After receiving a run signal from Detroit Edison, the generators start and synchronize with the utility source.  The generators then pick up the load of the office building so the amount of power supplied by the utility is near zero.  This mode of operation is known as “import set point.”  A small amount of power is always supplied by the utility, because the generators are not allowed to export power onto the utility distribution system.  The office building is unaffected by the peaking operation.

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