Frost-Kalnow Amphitheater East Green

JDRM Engineering provided the electrical design for this outdoor theater and park located in the heart of Tiffin, Ohio.

Together with AEP Electric, JDRM Engineering brought electrical power to the venue by reworking service mains to allocate power from existing transformers. Working with RCM Architect’s design, JDRM added stage lighting, rough-in conduit for stage controls and electrical outlets at key areas in the amphitheater.

“It was an honor to be a part of this project,” notes Tiffin native Dave Desjardins, corporate Secretary and Partner in JDRM Engineering, Inc., with a bit of hometown pride in his voice. “It really is a great addition to Tiffin’s downtown and is truly forward-thinking for the community.” Developed by Andrew Kalnow, CEO/owner of National Machinery, the Amphitheater hosted a successful first year concert series, drawing from 350 to 1,000 people to different shows.  Plans for Phase 2 of the project include an urban park, which will feature some of the design elements of Phase 1 including the curvilinear forms and perimeter walls, while adding additional excitement. Phase 2 is to include a splash pad area, a mini-amphitheater area in the northwest corner overlooking the splash pad, public restrooms, permanent picnic table areas and a secluded garden.

Frost-Kalnow Amphitheater on East Green called successThe Advertiser-Tribune

Frost-Kalnow Amphitheater East Green

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