Lucas County Juvenile Justice Center

This new 190,000 square foot justice center was completed with state-of-the-art technology. The judicial sections of the center include courtrooms, magistrate rooms, administrative offices, and court offices. The correctional sections include 125-bed detention areas, health care area, recreation areas and dining facility.

The electrical design work encompasses addressable fire alarm system: security/access control system; audio/visual recording capabilities; interior and exterior lighting; and telecommunication networking.

This project involved the replacement of the existing security system encompassing:

Access Control
Digital Video Recording (100 cameras)
DVD Recording Interview Systems
Access Control Prox Reader

The project replaced the tape based twelve camera system with a digital recording 100 plus camera system.  The cameras were upgraded from black and white to color and the recorders were networked.

The access control system provides centralized computer control and monitoring of all building doors.

A new interview recording system upgraded the existing black and white tape video recording system to a color DVD based recording system.

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