Miamisburg City Schools Miamisburg High School

This existing 180,000 square foot High School was completely renovated and upgraded in technology and enlarged to a 243,000 square foot facility while remaining occupied.

New MM and SM Fiber backbone and 6 new technology rooms were created and 2 existing rooms were maintained. The entire facility was upgraded to Cat5e structured cabling; interactive whiteboards, LCD projectors, Classroom Sound Reinforcement systems, digital clocks with class countdown feature, digital distributed paging system, Bulletin Board Messaging system, Digital PBX phone system, IP Surveillance cameras, security system, and card access system.

New audio visual systems included a complete state of the art TV Studio with live broadcast and distribution of the schools “1860 Belvo” daily announcement production to the dining facility, all classrooms, and large venue spaces. The CATV distribution system is controlled by A/V switcher system via Crestron with 6 local broadcast channels. The system is distributed from the TV Studio with dual control capabilities via a Crestron Digital A/V control system in both the Dining and the TV Studio. In addition to this equipment, a Digital Video Server for recording live content in the Studio and at remote locations, is used for re-broadcasting, internet streaming, and Video on Demand (VOD).

A complete equipment upgrade was specified consisting of multiple DVD players; DV recorders/players; preview and broadcast monitors; broadcast cameras; CD recorders; portable and installed mixing consoles; and a professional grade video switcher.

New sound systems were designed for the dining, band, and vocal rooms. One vocal/band sound isolated practice room includes a Wenger Virtual Acoustic Environment room where students can virtually simulate 9 different Virtual Acoustic Environments (from Baroque to a large recital hall) for practice performances and has recording and playback capabilities.

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