Monroe Community College Career Technology Center

Bridging the gap between students who want to learn and employers who need technically-skilled workers is the mission of Monroe Community College's Career Technology Center. The facility provides both the classroom atmosphere and lab spaces required to learn technical skills that lead to higher paying jobs.

Career Technology Center offerings include nuclear engineering; mechanical engineering and automation; quality assurance; automotive engineering and service; advanced manufacturing; and renewable energies/green technologies. The single story 60,000 square foot building features a high bay area with flexible space and high bay doors housing large pieces of manufacturing equipment and technology for indoor training. The traditional-height area houses office space, classrooms, and labs which simulate office environments.

Designed to meet LEED Silver standards, JDRM Engineering included the following features:

– 60 geothermal wells that are each 400 feet deep for heating and cooling.

– air handlers which utilize heat recovery wheels to harvest energy from inside and outside air without using additional energy.

– occupancy sensors for lighting in all rooms as well as a light management system.

– automatic sensors and low-flow plumbing fixtures as well as high-speed hand dryers.

– all equipment and systems selected for low life cycle cost, durability, and ease of maintenance.

– a micro-processor based building management system (BMS) employing direct digital controls provides monitoring, controlling, and operation optimization of the HVAC systems.

– high efficiency instantaneous domestic hot water heaters provide domestic hot water

JDRM services included mechanical, electrical, HVAC and fire protection engineering.

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