Penta Career Center

The new Penta Career Center consists of a 500,000 square foot Main Building plus a 25,000 square foot Maintenance Building. The Main Building houses a career-technical high school facility serving sixteen school districts in northwest Ohio.

The Main Building includes general classroom spaces; vocational instruction spaces focusing on Arts & Communication, Business Management & Information Technology, Industrial & Engineering Systems, Environmental & Agricultural Systems, and Health Services & Human Services. The facility houses laboratory spaces for Cosmetology, Culinary Arts, Dental Assistance, Animal Science, Floral design/Greenhouse Production, Gas & Diesel Engine Systems, Construction Trades (Carpentry, Electricity, Masonry, HVAC/Piping), Automotive Technology & Collision Repair, Welding, Machining Technologies, and Computer System & Networking.  The building also contains administration offices for Adult Education, High School, and District Superintendent.

The Maintenance Building houses a central services plant for chilled and hot water distribution with water cooled chillers, ice storage, high efficiency hot water boilers, and a central emergency generator.  In addition the building contains a repair facility for district vehicles and services offices.

The primary electrical distribution system was designed to distribute electrical power to five locations around the facility.  The lighting system for the complex was designed with energy efficiency in mind exceeding ASHRAE 90.1.2004 standards by 35%.

The complex HVAC system was designed to reduce energy consumption and to allow the Owner complete flexibility in scheduling the use of the building.  The complex heating system includes twelve Fulton 2MBH input boilers and three 800MBH boilers with a variable flow heating water distribution system.  The complex cooling systems includes 840 ton of 5700 ton-hours of ice storage and variable flow chilled water distribution system. The Building Automation System (BAS) not only controls all HVAC aspects of the complexes, it also is integrated to monitor electrical usage and building operations based on peak loading conditions.  The BAS also controls and schedules the lighting system.

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