Riverview Healthcare Campus of Ottawa County

I would like to personally thank all your crews! This was not an easy project, but they made sure the final product was amazing, all while being professional (and having fun) with our residents and staff! While we are happy that the project has been completed, we really miss those who became part of our "View Crew" over the last 2 years! Thank you all. Kendra M. German, LNHA Administrator Ottawa Co. Riverview Healthcare Campus

Riverview Healthcare Campus of Ottawa County invested $9.7 million in the renovation of their 100,000 square foot facility which houses 95-100 residents with approximately 140 employees.  To keep the facility in operation with occupancy, the renovation was done in six phases.  The first phase included the renovation of the administrative/staff areas. Phase two included the renovation of the front lobby which was transformed into a little Town Square which includes a Beauty Salon, General Store, Theater, Library, a Café and a centralized doctors’ office.  The third phase involved updating the long-term care stations.  Converting the Cottage Cove Rehab into the Lighthouse Memory Care was completed in the fourth renovation phase.  The fifth phase was creating new Cottage Cove Rehab suites.  The final phase was the renovation of Hartford on the River Assisted Living.

Electrical Systems

The existing electrical system at Riverview included a distribution system which had been expanded numerous times resulting in multiple generators and distribution panels in the facility.  Documentation and identification of the existing distribution system lacked full details and,  aspart of the project, JDRM updated existing documentation and developed a naming scheme for the electrical distribution system. The work within the renovated areas was connected to the existing distribution system with expansions as required.  The addition includes new and expanded distribution systems. The lighting system throughout the existing building was updated to energy-efficient LED luminaires or lamping and the addition utilizes LED luminaires.  Each space was individually calculated and engineered to provide appropriate illumination levels. Lighting controls throughout the facility include dimming controls and automatic override controls for resident comfort and staff needs.

Mechanical Systems

The mechanical updates at Riverview included replacing old PTAC units with new units utilizing wireless thermostats, in areas that were remodeled.  For consistency, the new addition utilizes the same PTAC units. Two new air handling units were installed for the major remodeled area and for the new independent living addition.  This kept a uniform manufacturer throughout the facility for ease of ongoing maintenance. The two air handling units tie into the existing high efficiency boiler loop.  Cooling is accomplished through new air-cooled condensing units, with direct expansion coils in the air handling units.  The boilers are designed to operate on an outdoor air reset to save energy.

Technology Systems

JDRM provided a complete upgrade of the structured cabling system in the remodeled areas and a new system in the two addition areas. The old coaxial analog camera system was upgraded to Internet Protocol (IP) cameras with new Network Digital Video Recording (NDVR) storage units and new viewing stations in strategic locations. The nurse call system was upgraded throughout the existing facility and the system was installed in the two new areas as well. In the independent living areas, each suite was equipped with a hotel-style card access system while key exterior entrances received access control and video intercom entry systems. WanderGuard systems, designed to enable Alzheimer and dementia patients to have freedom within their resident facilities while providing essential monitoring security.  were upgraded in the existing portions of the building and incorporated into the additions at key entries.

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