St. Luke’s Hospital Heart Center

The goal of St. Luke's Hybrid Operating Room (OR) and Electrophysiology Lab (EL) is to save lives by saving time -- beginning with the compressed design/construction project schedule met in part by JDRM Engineering's leadership. The 13,700 square foot addition to the Heart Center began with design coordination among all team members including the hospital’s Vice President, Department Supervisor, and Specialty Room Managers. JDRM's project management work was vital in the coordination and communication of the intricate details within the mechanical, electrical, and technology systems as well as in coordination of the construction scope with the critical project schedule.

The hybrid OR and EP lab add capacity for numerous enhanced procedures, including:
• Expanded procedures to treat atrial fibrillation (AFib), a leading indicator of stroke risk
• Enhanced technology for pacemaker implantation, keeping your heart beating regularly and improving quality of life
• High-tech imaging from the most advanced radiology equipment, with minimal radiation exposure
• Ability to perform minimally invasive endovascular and other specialized vascular procedures

For people having vascular or heart problems, minutes matter. Rapid access to treatment using the latest technology reduces the potential for irreversible damage. Not having to cut the breast bone to access the heart and vascular system is a secondary benefit as the minimally invasive surgical procedures performed in the hybrid OR and EP lab use much smaller incisions, reducing complications, and improving recovery time.

Patients appreciate the results of our work, and we believe you will also enjoy knowing the technical details of the project noted below.

Mechanical Systems

JDRM Engineering provided a new air handling unit with multiple supply fans with variable frequency drives and return fans with variable frequency drives. Medium pressure ductwork supplies constant air volume boxes to rooms for individual controls. The EP Lab and OR each have a constant volume lab to achieve 30 air changes in each room.  The return has a constant air volume box to make certain that the room is in a positive pressure condition.  The heating water for the coils was brought over from the existing hospital.  Since the chilled water from the existing hospital was maxed out, a new air-cooled chiller was provided to do the cooling requirements for the new air handling unit.  An areaway was built to provide outside air to the air handling unit located in the basement of the addition. The areaway was made large enough to remove the equipment in the basement if ever necessary.

Electrical Systems

Two new (ATS) Automatic Transfer Switches were installed from the Hospitals’ three, 1MW (megawatt) generators.  This provided the emergency power distribution and controls to keep critical electrical and mechanical equipment up and operating in the new Heart Center EP Lab and Hybrid OR.  Each specialty room has its own independent distribution.  An Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) system was installed in the Heat Center’s new addition basement to provide battery assistance to medical equipment and systems while patients are undergoing procedures during an outage.  Equal Potential Grounding Systems were installed in each specialty room, protecting patients and equipment by bonding all conductive surfaces to each other and to the earth.  

Technology Systems

The structured cabling system was designed to St. Luke’s Hospital standards using Category-6 cabling.  Technology system designs included voice/data connectivity, nurse call, overhead paging, and access control.  A new telecommunications room was also designed for this project which includes an equipment rack and cable ladder layouts.

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