Sylvania School System Surveillance System Assessment & Recommendations

Staff and student safety is critically important and JDRM Engineering is uniquely positioned to help school administrators understand the components of a thorough surveillance/security system; evaluate their current operations; recommend ways to more fully utilize the technology in place; and suggest additions when pertinent. This case study showcases the steps taken to protect the staff and students in our home-town school district.

Sylvania Schools commissioned JDRM Engineering to assess the existing analog surveillance system in use at Sylvania Schools and recommend options for upgrades to an IP based surveillance system. Existing equipment and conditions at each of the 14 buildings in the district were reviewed. Interviews with stakeholders such as District Administrators; school Principals & Assistant Principals; school Personnel, and Safety Officers were conducted.

Information compiled included the status of all existing surveillance equipment in the district; special concerns of faculty and staff; and the new technology available to assist district personnel in monitoring events on the interior and exterior of buildings.

Several recommendations and options for transitioning to an IP based surveillance system were provided with special concern given for leveraging existing equipment during the transition. Also, details on alternative funding sources such as grants, purchasing programs, and manufacturers’ offers for educational facilities were provided.

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