The University of Toledo Data Center Upgrades

Several of JDRM's engineers are graduates of The University of Toledo and it is our privilege to be chosen to serve our Alma Matter's needs. Included here are details on two data center upgrades, one two-year project which began in 2016 and a second which dates back to 2010.

2016 Main Campus Upgrades

Data center re-configured complete with new cabinets, power distribution, cooling and more over a phased project implementation

Room configuration updated to hot/cold aisle arrangement; in-row cooling; hot aisle containment; end of row power redundant distribution; removal of raised floor; replacement of fire protection system; provision of dedicated computer room cooling system; implementation of DCIM throughout data center

Mechanical System Upgrades

Existing CRAC units replace in a phase fashion due to room phased implementation.

Dedicated new air cooled chiller(s) designed to be 100% redundant and include waterside economizer for free-cooling and low ambient operation

New piping, pumps, make-up, controls to permit isolated operation

Computer room incorporates in-row chilled water unit solution with hot aisle containment for module and space control.  Design to provide 2N design at chiller level and N+1 design at the row/module level.

Dedicated computer room temperature/building automation system communicates with University and dedicated DCIM software for total system and space monitoring.

Electrical System Upgrades

Implementation of 2nd UPS unit for incorporation into existing parallel system design.  Capacity will provide 100% redundancy.

Expansion of existing battery monitoring system to new UPS

Installation of 2nd emergency generator to provide selectivity and 100% building redundancy.

New Computer Room electrical distribution to incorporate

Dedicated independent A/B services to in-row cooling units

Dedicated independent service to chillers from separate transfer switch distribution

Dedicated independent A/B services to end of row power distribution units (one on each end of row)

Dedicated and independent local power distribution for legacy equipment and local power needs in the computer room

All electrical, not including row power distribution units, are located outside of the computer room space

Room lighting upgrades to incorporate LED lighting and strategic switching to accommodate flexibility and energy saving opportunities.

Room grounding system will be enhanced to accommodate proposed room re-configuration

Building Upgrades

Computer Room access floor removed

Computer room ceiling replaced

Computer Room fire protection system upgraded

2010 Health Science and Main Campus Upgrades

Data center capacity was increased to meet increasing demands; the campus’ were connected via a fiber optic direct communication link providing network system redundancy.

Mechanical System Upgrades

Health Science Campus

Existing HVAC systems were made of redundant CRAC units connected into building/hospital central chilled water plant

New electrical room was provided with redundant air handling units connected into existing building chilled water system

Existing underfloor air distribution was enhanced by re-positioning floor supply grilles

Data cabinets were replaced and provided with dedicated exhaust connection into return air plenum

Existing CRAC units were updated to include extension of return air ductwork into ceiling plenum

Computer room ceiling was reconfigured to include return air provisions over the hot aisles as well as to incorporate dedicated data cabinet exhaust discharge

Main Campus

Existing Computer Room incorporates 2 CRAC units connected into building central chilled water system and 2 CRAC units with dedicated drycoolers.

Capacity is believed to be 100% redundant

Existing CRAC units utilized ceiling plenum with relief thru existing ceiling into the space

Further system modifications were deferred to future phases

Electrical System Upgrades

Health Science Campus

Emergency generation system design included provisions for 2 generators to operate in parallel; however, for this phase, only 1 generator was provided.

Dedicated emergency feeder from generator to new automatic transfer switch and distribution for Computer Room

Future space allocation has been identified for 2nd generator and paralleling switchgear

Computer Room electrical system was upgraded to include;

1 new UPS with provisions for 2nd to parallel

Complete A/B buss power distribution thru new harmonic mitigating transformers, distribution equipment to overhead buss distribution to data cabinets


Health Science Campus

Room data cabinets were re-organized to provide complete hot-cold aisle configuration

Computer room fire protection was upgraded to new FM200 system

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