Toledo Public Schools Woodward High School

This new 160,000 square foot high school was an OSFC funded project. In addition to the standard OSFC technology building systems, the technology design services included a full Theatrical Auditorium.

The audio visual system is completely digital and integrated with the network system. Housed in the rear control booth is the AV command center consisting of 3 racks of control; audio and visual source input/output; and peripheral equipment.  Additional equipment include a 16,000 lumen projector having the capacity to project a 22 foot wide by 16 foot tall display; a 40 channel 8 bus digital mixing sound board; and a Crestron digital touch screen control system that integrates all the AV system components to create a truly state-of-the-art multi-media presentation. Complementing the equipment is an array of full-range loudspeakers, subwoofer, and delay speakers as well as stage monitor speakers. The hosts of AV equipment include wireless and hanging stage mics; digital signal processor; sound effects processors; audio extractors; media switchers/transmitter/receiver and program source; and recording equipment consisting of CD players and CD recorders.

In addition to the theatre system, the project also incorporated five additional sound systems for the two gyms, band, vocal, and choral rooms.

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