Wood County Hospital Environment Support Building

The 8,800 square foot powerhouse was constructed adjacent to the main hospital with 100 0kW standby generation for the powerhouse and hospital back-up.

The mechanical systems include:  Two 200 HP “Ohio Special” natural gas boilers with #2 fuel oil back-up and provisions for two additional 200 HP boilers.  The variable flow chilled water distribution system design consisted of three 230-ton rotary screw chillers with remote air cooled condensers and space for one additional chiller; and Five chilled water pumps:  three chiller pumps; two variable speed primary system pumps; and one designated as a standby pump.

Steam design included distribution piping to two hot water converters, control valve stations, and condensate receivers.

Mechanical Design also included new steam utility tunnel connecting the new powerhouse to the main hospital.  The steam line extended thru the tunnel and hospital crawl space to interconnect the existing hospital boiler room to the new powerhouse.

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