Woodmore Schools First Responder Radio Testing and In Building Amplification System

JDRM Engineering designed the Technology systems for the new Woodmore Local Schools Elementary facility. During the plan examination by the State of Ohio, the requirements of Ohio Building Code 915 were enforced, requiring First Responder Radio Signals to be received in the building in accordance with the Ohio Fire Code 915. After coordinating with the Woodville Fire Chief and other first responder departments it was determined that a full test was required.

JDRM provided the code required testing for the 3 frequencies in use by first responders in the area which included the Lucas County 800Mhz and the police and sheriff frequencies in the 450mhz spectrum. Upon testing it was determined that the building would need an In building amplification system to boost all 3 frequencies.

JDRM teamed up with Tx/Rx and Bird Technologies to produce a code compliant design that met all the requirements of OFC 915 and NFPA 72 chapter 24. The design was bid and Bender Communications along with Lake Erie Technologies installed the system. Upon completion JDRM re-tested the system and certified the results.

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